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关于 C-Mac MicroCircuits - C-MAC MicroTechnology是一家全球认可的制造商,在比利时和加拿大设有生产基地,专门研究在恶劣环境下的高可靠性应用中的电子模块和子系统。 我们拥有60多年的血统书,可为客户提供在汽车,高可靠性工业和医疗领域设计,制造和测试产品的领先技能。 认证包括ISO-TS16949,ISO 9001和ISO 13485。

关于 C-Mac MicroCircuits - C-MAC MicroTechnology is a globally recognised manufacturer operating with sites in Belgium and Canada specialising in electronics modules and sub-systems for high reliability applications in harsh environments. With a pedigree that has been developed over 60 years, we offer our customers leading edge skills in design, manufacture and test of products for the Automotive, High Reliability Industrial and Medical sectors. Accreditations include ISO-TS16949, ISO 9001 and ISO 13485.

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