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关于 BrightLed - BRIGHTLED的产品广泛应用于3C工业,照明市场和汽车市场等各个领域。



关于 BrightLed - BRIGHT LED ELECTRONICS CORP., aka BRTLED, was established by Mr. Sandy Liaw in July, 1981. Under Mr. Liaw's prescient lead and by all staff's effort, the company has grown its scale steadily and continuously over the past few decades. Nowadays, we have built up long-term relationships with customers all over the world include Taiwan, China, Korea, Southeast Asia, America and Europe. We collaborate and maintain these long-term partnerships, in the meanwhile, continue to seek out any possibility and opportunity of improvement and perfection. Our products are popularly adapted in various fields include 3C industry, lighting market, and automotive market and so on

BRTLED's first production base was in the industry park of New Taipei City, Taiwan. By taking China's market demands and incentives into account, BRTLED established Mainbright in Hong Kong, 1990 as the transfer point between China and Taiwan. In the same year, Mainbright also reinvested and set up a factory in Dongguan, China. Then in 2011, the Dongguan factory transformed to Dongguan Bright LED Electronics Corp. under BRTLED group. Dongguan site's area of land is around 150,000 square meters and its area of facilities is around 180,000 square meters. Current total number of staff, include direct and indirect, is over 1000. The main products are LED traditional components (LAMP), Display, infrared modules, SMD and other various LED modules.

With the achievement that we have done till today, we do not forget what derives us to continuously improve and grow; that is our promises to the customers. Our company's policy is not just to provide competitive products with high quality to the customers, but also to be the honest and trustworthy partner to our customers. This is the reason our customers satisfy and remain long-term relationship with BRTLED. Through close collaboration and positive partnership with our vendors, BRTLED is able to keep high quality of material sources and competitive pricing; hence, more advantages for BRTLED to enhance our market competitiveness and to accomplish a win-win situation eventually.

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