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关于 BCD Semiconductor - BCD半导体制造有限公司(BCD Semi)是一家领先的模拟集成器件制造商(IDM),总部位于大中华区,专门从事电源管理集成电路或IC的设计,制造和销售。 该公司广泛的电源管理IC产品组合主要面向快速增长的大批量市场,如手机,便携式媒体播放器,液晶电视和显示器,个人电脑,适配器和充电器以及其他电子产品。 作为IDM,BCD Semi集成了产品设计和工艺技术,以优化产品性能和成本。 该公司提供的系统级解决方案具有客户所需的质量,性能和可靠性。 我们在大中华区的业务紧邻亚洲快速发展的电子行业,使我们能够将我们的产品开发工作与客户和市场趋势保持一致,并提供及时有效的技术支持。

关于 BCD Semiconductor - BCD Semiconductor Manufacturing Limited (BCD Semi) is a leading analog integrated device manufacturer, or IDM, based in Greater China, specializing in the design, manufacture and sale of power management integrated circuits, or ICs. The company's broad portfolio of power management ICs primarily targets rapidly growing, high volume markets such as mobile phones, portable media players, LCD televisions and monitors, personal computers, adapters and chargers and other electronics products. As an IDM, BCD Semi integrates product design and process technology to optimize product performance and cost. The company offers system-level solutions with the quality, performance and reliability required by our customers. Our Greater China-based operations provide proximity to the rapidly growing electronics industry in Asia, enabling us to align our product development effort with customers and market trends and to provide timely and effective technical support.

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