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关于 Astrocom - Astrocom Electronics,Inc。为太空计划,军事,市政警察部门和全球各行业设计,制造和提供通信设备。 它提供耳机,电缆和导体,电缆组件,麦克风/吊杆组件,麦克风和耳机元件,连接器和开关,以及配件,如吊杆支架,衣夹,遮阳板锁,头带垫,耳垫和风屏幕。 该公司成立于1961年,总部位于纽约Colliersville。

关于 Astrocom - Astrocom Electronics, Inc. designs, manufactures, and supplies communication equipment to space programs, military, municipal police departments, and industries worldwide. It offers headsets, cables and conductors, cable assemblies, microphone/boom assemblies, microphone and earphone elements, and connectors and switches, as well as accessories, such as boom supports, clothing clips, visor locks, headband cushions, ear cushions, and wind screens. The company was founded in 1961 and is based in Colliersville, New York.
Astrocom Electronics manufactures headsets, cables, cable assemblies, microphones, dynamic and boom assemblies, ear and microphone elements, connectors and switches as well as accessories.

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