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关于 Anpec - ANPEC是台湾的一家IC设计公司,致力于功率IC,混合信号IC和功率分立器件设计。 ANPEC的最终任务是整合台湾半导体制造环境的最佳基础架构并提升模拟IC设计能力。

主要产品类别包括电源管理IC,音频放大器IC,LCD控制器/驱动器IC,霍尔效应IC和功率MOSFET,并且现在扩展到通信IC和微控制器应用中。 ANPEC的主要重点将是计算机,通信和消费者应用程序。 作为您忠实的合作伙伴,ANPEC随时准备为您提供最佳性能/成本和始终如一的优质产品。 此外,一群技术和销售专家随时准备与您合作以应对任何挑战。

关于 Anpec - ANPEC, an IC design house in Taiwan that is dedicated in power IC, mixed signal IC, and power discrete devices design. To integrate the best infrastructure of the semiconductor manufacture environment in Taiwan and to promote the analog IC design capability here are the ultimate missions of ANPEC.

The main product categories include the power management IC, Audio Amplifier IC, LCD Controller/Driver IC, Hall Effect IC, and power MOSFET, and are extending into communication IC and micro-controller application now. The main focus of ANPEC will be the computer, communication and consumer applications. To be your faithful partner, ANPEC is ready to deliver the best performance/cost and consistent quality products to you. Besides, a group of technical and sales specialists are ready to cooperate with you to face any challenge.

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