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关于 Afero - Afero为公司和开发人员提供了一个综合平台,其中包含所有连接设备的三个关键构建块:产品,移动应用程序和可扩展的云服务。 这些构建模块共同使企业和开发人员可以通过降低复杂性并在云中的设备和可信数据之间提供安全的连接,将创新更快地推向市场。

Afero的建立以安全为基石。 该平台提供了相互身份验证,因此所有传入和传出的数据都被连续加密,并且在没有经过验证的身份的情况下也永远不会交换。 该团队建立了Afero,以解决智能设备行业快速增长和碎片化的问题。

关于 Afero - Afero provides companies and developers with a comprehensive platform that encompasses the three key building blocks for all connected devices: the product, the mobile application, and scalable cloud services. Together, these building blocks enable companies and developers to deliver innovations faster to the marketplace by reducing the complexity and providing a secure connection between devices and trusted data in the cloud.

Afero was built with security as a cornerstone. The platform provides mutual authentication so that all incoming and outgoing data is continuously encrypted and never exchanged without proven identity. The team built Afero to address the problem of a rapidly growing and fragmenting smart device industry.

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