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关于 Accelerated / Digi International - Digi是关键任务和业务关键机器对机器(M2M)和物联网(IoT)连接产品和服务的全球领先提供商。 他们帮助客户创建下一代互联产品,并在苛刻的环境中部署和管理关键的通信基础架构。 他们的嵌入式模块和现成的路由器,网关和网络产品旨在提供无与伦比的可靠性,并提供毫无疑问的性能和安全性。 他们基于云的软件和专业服务可帮助客户将其连接的产品和资产用于各种关键任务行业应用。 他们成立于1985年,已经帮助他们的客户连接了超过1亿个事物,并且还在不断发展。

关于 Accelerated / Digi International - Digi is a leading global provider of mission-critical and business-critical machine-to-machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity products and services. They help their customers create next generation connected products and deploy and manage critical communications infrastructures in demanding environments. Their embedded modules and off-the-shelf routers, gateways and network products are designed for relentless reliability and deliver unquestioned performance and security. Their cloud-based software and professional services help customers put their connected products and assets to work across a broad range of mission-critical industry applications. Founded in 1985, they've helped their customers connect over 100 million things, and growing.

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