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关于 Acbell - ACBel Polytech Inc.在全球拥有6,000多名员工。 我们的主要电力供应,设计和制造设施位于台湾,中国和菲律宾。 1996年,我们与Kinpo集团建立了战略联盟,Kinpo集团是电子领域的全球主要供应商。 我们在这个联盟中继续其电源设计和制造的技术专业化。

关于 Acbell - ACBel Polytech Inc. has more than 6,000 employees worldwide. Our major powers supply, design and manufacturing facilities are located in Taiwan, China, and the Philippines. In 1996, we joined a strategic alliance with the Kinpo Group, a major worldwide supplier in the electronics field. We continue its technology specialization of design and manufacturing of power supplies in this alliance.

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