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关于 ATP Electronics - ATP致力于通过其IC封装和模块/闪存介质产品设计技术的创新来提供先进的,最高容量的增值存储产品和解决方案,以通过其全球销售和营销渠道为客户群提供最佳服务。

ATP电子是高性能,顶级口径和重型NAND闪存和DRAM存储器模块的主要行业制造商,这些模块非常适合工业,自动化,电信,汽车,企业计算,医疗,军事和其他重要数据应用。凭借25年的基准经验,ATP继续专注于最全面的技术专长,制造优势以及扩展的多功能产品组合的工作温度范围。作为一级OEM的经过验证的生态/绿色合作伙伴,所有ATP产品均完全符合RoHS和中国RoHS要求。 ATP是一家真正的制造商,可以在系统和组件级别提供内部设计,测试和产品微调。此外,ATP供应链支持包括受控/固定的BOM和延长的产品生命周期。


技术驱动型公司ATP提供了针对性的产品组合,并提供了PowerProtector等独特技术来确保数据安全断电情况下的完整性和高温老化测试系统,该系统可以筛查与SMT相关的组装问题和IC婴儿死亡率。 ATP还可以启用安全擦除技术,从而消除任何原始数据痕迹,并满足各种军事和工业标准,包括NAVSO P-5239-26,IREC(IRIG)106,USA-AF AFSSI 5020和USA-Army 380 -19。 ATP为工程和销售提供全球支持,以帮助您有效应对当今的工程,设计,故障排除,销售管理,采购和物流方面的挑战。 ATP是一家以人际关系为导向的成熟公司,是现在和将来理想的记忆合作伙伴。

关于 ATP Electronics - ATP strives to provide advanced, highest capacity, value-added memory products and solutions by its innovation in IC packaging and module/flash media product design technology to best service its customer base through its global sales and marketing channels.

ATP Electronics is a principal industry manufacturer of high performing, top caliber and heavy-duty NAND flash and DRAM memory modules that are ideally suited for Industrial, Automation, Telecom, Automotive, Enterprise Computing, Medical, Military and other data vital applications. With twenty five years of experience as a benchmark, ATP continues to focus on the upper-most levels of technical expertise, manufacturing superiority, and extended operating temperature ranges across a versatile product portfolio. A validated Eco/Green partner of tier one OEMs, all ATP products are fully RoHS and China RoHS compliant. A true manufacturer, ATP offers in-house design, testing, and product fine-tuning at both system and component levels. Additionally, ATP supply chain support includes controlled/fixed BOMs and extended product life cycles.

ATP’s industry leading SIP process entails advanced wire bonding, stacking, and encapsulation stages, which make ATP products consistently durable and reliably sound in severe environments and under extraordinary conditions such as moisture, corrosive air, extreme temperatures, and electrostatic discharge.

A technology driven company, ATP presents a targeted product portfolio and affords distinctive technologies such as PowerProtector to insure data integrity during power fail scenarios and an Elevated Temperature Burn In Testing system which screens for SMT related assembly issues and IC infant mortality. ATP can also enable Secure Erase technology which eliminates any trace of original data and meets a diverse assortment of military and industrial standards, including NAVSO P-5239-26, IREC (IRIG) 106, USA-AF AFSSI 5020 and, USA-Army 380-19. ATP offers global support for both engineering and sales to help you maneuver efficiently within today’s engineering, design, troubleshooting, sales administration, procurement and logistics challenges. ATP is an established, relationship driven company who is an ideal memory partner for now and the future.

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