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关于 AAR Precision - 设计,开发和生产用于航空航天和国防先进复合材料结构。功能包括设计和分析,联邦航空局认证,蜂窝扁平板和粘合剂,使用多个过程(高压釜,RTM等)高速率的生产制造。 ISO 9001:2000,AS9100:2001-,并为Nadcap认证。

关于 AAR Precision - Designs, develops and produces advanced composite structures for aerospace and defense. Capabilities include design and analysis, FAA certification, fabrication of honeycomb flat panels and adhesives, high-rate production using multiple processes (autoclave, RTM, etc.). ISO 9001:2000-, AS9100:2001-, and Nadcap-certified.

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