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关于 3G Shielding Specialties - 屏蔽是我们的专长。 自1994年以来,领先的电子公司就依靠3G来提供先进的解决方案来屏蔽高级电子应用。 3G是一家面向服务的ISO 9001注册企业,致力于为客户提供服务。 从原型设计到设计服务再到JIT制造供应,客户都依赖3G提供无缝的服务途径来支持整个产品生命周期。 3G提供标准和特定于应用的板级屏蔽,EMI垫片,微波吸收器和导热材料。 3G是一家在美国ITAR注册的制造商。

关于 3G Shielding Specialties - Shielding is our specialty. Since 1994, leading electronics companies have relied on 3G to deliver leading edge solutions for shielding advanced electronics applications. 3G is a service oriented ISO 9001 registered enterprise focused on serving their clients. From prototyping to design services to JIT manufacturing supply, customers depend on 3G to provide seamless service pathway supporting the entire product lifecycle. 3G provides standard and application-specific board-level shields, emi gaskets, microwave absorbers, and thermal materials. 3G is a US-based ITAR registered manufacturer.

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